Prevention is a common thing

Preventing the drain from blockage is the best you can do for your drainage system at home or at your business. There are many daily mistakes made to cause the drains to back up and get bunged up.

For example the leaves in the garden must always be cleaned. Otherwise they will block the drain in the garden. Blocked Drain Bristol recommend you not pouring the fat and grease from frying pan down your kitchen sink. You should rather wait till it when it cools down. Then it gets solid. And then scrape it out of the pan straight in the bin.

These little daily things can add up and take little more time for you. But when you get used to it, it will come automatically. And it is worth spending a little bit of time in doing thing right. Rather then spending a lot more time in dealing with the consequences of your laziness.

In other words

Another drain problem caused by our laziness is the hair left in the bath and shower after using it. Simply clean the bath and shower after every use and keep your pipes away from blockages or in other words keep the blockages away from your pipes.

Are you chucking the empty toilet tube in the toilet? Stop doing it! Even if the object is made from an organic material. You should avoid throwing anything in the toilet. The time of decomposing is different for different objects. And the time can be not short enough for your drains. Then they will have to cry for help by backing up.

All what will be left then there for you would be looking for a drain expert. We like to give an advice how to avoid and prevent drains from blocking. But most of all we like to resolve our customers issues. Not everybody likes listening to advice. This ignorance lead to blockages.

And if that is the case for you, you will have to call for help by ringing us.

Blocked Drain South Bristol – Toilet Maintenance For Blocked Toilet Prevention

Blockages can be a nightmare for some home owners, especially in homes with just one bathroom. Some people absolutely hate home improvements/maintenance and will wait for a problem to arise before calling in a professional to take a look and solve the issue. However some people like to spend time on maintaining certain areas of there homes the best they can as they know that this can save time and money in the future, especially as many companies charge substantial call out fees.

Whether you have a phobia of home improvement or a dab hand at most tasks, here are some tips on how to help prevent call outs and keep your toilets maintained correctly. These will help you in the discovery and identification of issues.

Firstly, the sound of your toilet flush can be the biggest give away of any issues that might be present. Any obscurities or irregularities in the sound of your flush should be looked at immediately as even though most of the time it could be something to do with your flush mechanism as a pose to your pipes, never rule out any blockages or more serious problems.

Secondly, at Blocked Drain South Bristol we always emphasise the importance of making sure your flush is strong and powerful at all times as if this is left then it could cost you even more to sort out. We recommend having any issue checked over if you’re unsure about it as a lot of time and money can be saved when the issues are dealt with immediately

Any queries? give a member of our team a call today and see what we can do for you!