Can sewage be used to make energy

Can sewage be used to make energy?

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Playing our part in sustainability and making energy of wasteIt is important that, in order to play your part in this economical process, you maintain the quality of your drains. If a blockage occurs on your property, it prevents water and waste from being washed into the sewage system, and prevents it from being used as a part of the renewable energy system.

CCTV surveys are the best way of regularly checking in on your drains and identifying any underlying problems that you would not have otherwise known about. It is also important to make sure to properly take care of your drains by correctly disposing of any food waste or toilet items. Greasy and fatty substances, as well as coffee granules, must be thrown away in the bin as opposed to flushing them down the sink.

These substances do not wash away easily and can easily block the pipes. It is also important to properly dispose of nappies and baby wipes, as well as sanitary items, into the bin and not flushed down the toilet.

These products do not break down when they are in the drains and so will cause some very serious blockages in your drainage systems. Over time, if these food materials are continually washed away down the drains they can build up and create a blockage that can become very damaging and expensive to fix, and over time this means that waste is not washed away from your house, denying it the chance to be used to create renewable energy. If you feel you may have a blockage and require plumbing services, don’t hesitate to call blocked drain Bristol.

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