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Most household blockages are caused by a build up of oil and fats that over a period of time could become larger  and larger to eventually cause a blockage, blocking the flow of water through your drains. It might be tempting to tackle the blockage yourself chemically, however a lot of the time the job is going to be a smelly one, not to mention the harmful and corrosive  chemicals being bad for the environment.

You don’t have to get down and dirty with your blocked drain. We now cover All Bristol Locations. We work 24/7 365 days of the year because blockages don’t take days off so neither do we. We have a 24 hour phone line for any questions, to make a booking, or for an emergency call out. You might be tempted to call a plumber in but after paying a call out charge you might find they don’t have the correct equipment to get the job done! Skip that hassle. Ring one of our friendly advisers for an over the phone no obligation quote. There’s no call out fee to pay either so get in touch today.